MIDI Adapter#

settings_ethernet 20 cm
square_foot 3.5 mm to DIN
bolt TRS to DIN MIDI (Type A)
view_column Also available: 30 cm patch cables

MIDI Adapter#

This adapter allows you to use a standard DIN MIDI cable with instruments that come with a MIDI TRS port.

Please note that multiple standards exist. This adapter is Type A, compatible with devices from Making Sound Machines, Plinky, Make Noise, ADDAC, Dreadbox, Intellijel, Teenage Engineering, Twisted Electrons, Akai, Korg, Elektron and others.

We have included a wiring diagram for your reference with the pictures on this page. You can find a simplified guide to TRS MIDI and a list of devices at Minimidi.world.

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settings_ethernet 30 cm
square_foot 3.5 mm
bolt TR (mono) audio or CV
view_column Also available: 30 cm