Farbfilter Series#

Farbfilter Series#

Our Farbfilter (colour filter) series is a range of sound colouring modules for Eurorack.

These modules are a personal take on our favourite analogue effects circuits from East and West Coast Modular Synthesis.

They sound great and underline what we love most about analogue synthesis: their nonlinearities and quirks inspire us to find new sounds.

Designed to fit a 4HP footprint, they are compact, tweakable and easy to use.

We will be introducing the Farbfilter Series at Superbooth in Berlin, 11-13 May 23.

The modules will be be available assembled and as DIY kits in select modular stores and directly from us.

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Farbfilter is a classic analog transistor ladder lowpass filter for Eurorack. It is a staple of subtractive synthesis and famous for its rich warm sound. We enhanced its palette with a colourful drive and CV controlled resonance.

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Farbfolder is an analog wavefolder for Eurorack. It does this weird and wonderful trick of folding the wave at the zero points, "squaring" a sine off with more and more sinusoid edges, thus adding odd harmonics.

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Farbshaper is based on a classic circuit that turns a ramp into a sine, and was historically used in function generators and oscillators. On any other signal it will add one or multiple wave folds.

The circuit produces opposite offsets internally, so the knob settings interact strongly and are fun to automate with CV.

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Farb Highpass

Farb Highpass is an analog transistor ladder highpass filter, and features a distinct circuit from the classic lowpass ladder. We tweaked the circuit and added CV-able resonance to the feedback path.

We also added a Tilt EQ. It lets you either bring some of the warmth back in, or double down on the highpass and go all sizzly.

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